PT311A Appeal Form

 Property Owners/Taxpayers

Begin filing your Electronic Property Appeal by entering one of the following in the search box below:

  1. Your Parcel Number, or Property Owner Name, or Property Address.

  2. Click on the Search box  

  3. Click on the Owner Name in blue text from the returned search results                                                               


  *Please note: If your assessed value for 2016 was established by an appeal decision within the prior 2 years, filing an appeal may jeopardize the “frozen” value established by O.C.G.A. 48-5-299c. This may result in an onsite inspection and a new notice of assessment, the value of which may be less than or greater than the initial 2016 value.

Note or
Information Search Examples:  
  • R1001 001, R1001a001
  • Jones R
  • 75 Langley Dr or Langley 


 Tax Representatives/Agents

Tax Representatives filing appeals for multiple properties may benefit from creating an agent account. If you are a returning registered account user please continue to the Secure Login at the top of the page.  If you would like to create an account please continue with this appeal and you will see a link on the first question of the PT311A form.